PIRL & Electroneum 2 new coins to mine (Great potential)

Bitbitminer is recommending 2 new coins to mine, undervalued as today 11/21/2017.



Algorithm: Ethash

Launch Date: 2017/10/01

DAG still low, you will get a lot higher hashrate than ETH with some GPU will only 3GB or 2GB.

For excample, Radeon 7970 mining ETH only 11Mh/s, but mining PIRL has 24Mh/s. Buy GPU here.

According to http://www.whattomine.com, PIRL earn is pretty much the same as ETH, which is so great

Still young coin, great potential to increase value.

ASIC resistant, only GPU and CPU can mine


Pool suggestion, I only suggest this pool for PIRL

http://pirl.minerpool.net/ -- 1% fee

Electroneum (ETN)


Algorithm: CryptoNight

Launch Date: 2017/11/01

A company from UK, seems reliable company

One of the most successful ICO

Become top 30 of coin in term of market cap at the time of launch

Very impressive idea, mobile mining with profit

Price drop from top of $0.18USD to right now as 2017/11/21 low of $0.029USD

The wallet has been totally shutted down due to hackers attack, but we see great opportunity here

Once the wallet turns on again, I see the coin price will rise again. So, it's time to mine

Pool suggestions, I have 2 pools to suggest

http://us-etn-stats.hashparty.io/ -- 2% fee, reliable, great hash rate conversion, 2% is great worth

http://pool.electroneum.space/ -- 0.5% fee, if you think 2% is too much, this is the second best and this is my backup


Happy Mining!

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